Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is OPEN!

In order to submit your contribution(s), you have to register first as contributor. After the e-mail confirmation using the e-mail address that you provided, you have to login again with your new created credential and than you can submit your contribution. No more than one contribution per participant. 

After connection, you can also access the 'Abstract submission' item in the MY SPACE menu (bottom left column).


1/ Writing your full abstract.
Your full abstract should be written following the template given in MS Word or Latex format.
Theses templates include informations and format description to help the writers. It can be downloaded here:
Full abstract should be with a maximum of 2 pages for standard contribution (including posters), and 4 for invited ones.
2/ Saving your full abstract in PDF format.
Only pdf formats are accepted for the full abstract.
3/ Filling the registration form.
In order to submit your contribution, the registration form must be completed in line.
Attention have to be paid to the the abstract field. You shoud copy in this field the abstract part of your full abstract (max 500 words).
Finally, the PDF file of your contribution should be uploaded in the "FILE" input field.

Two poster awards are given for the best poster presentation

Two Poster Awards are given for the best posters presented ONLY by the students (they have to proof they are students during the conference XXV ESCAMPIG 2020, July 15-18). You have to chose 'Poster competition' when you submit your Abstract.

  1. The first one is sponsored by SFV (French Vacuum Society) for an outstanding work in low pressure plasmas.

  2. The second one is sponsored by IUPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) for an outstanding work in the field of plasma, at medium or atmospheric pressure.



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